Sunday, March 30, 2008

“Want to go fast - travel alone; want to go far - travel with others.” ~African Proverb.

How do I sum up our travels in South Africa? On Safari, I often was at a loss for words - which is a rare occurrence! But I will try. The surroundings: vast and beautiful. The animals: awesome, very exciting to see (although a few were elusive). Our hosts: very knowledgeable and wonderfully hospitable. The food: fabulous. The weather: rainy and chilly at first, but it improved daily! Cape Town: too much to see in 3 days but we sure had fun trying! I asked a friend here in Zurich her impressions of South Africa after a recent visit, and she said, “I loved it, I would go back in a second. I would go back right this moment if I could.” Now I know what she meant. It’s an amazing place and we took so many photos, it’s going to be hard to narrow them down for you. But we will try! Scroll down to enjoy. In the photo here you see two oceans, the Atlantic on left and the Indian on the right. (Oh, and if you think an African Safari is in your future, we heartily recommend Hawkeye Safaris!)

Two mothers and two babies, one not visible. We watched one mother teach her baby how to wallow.
Giraffe journey
Our luxury safari tent
This rhinoceros was seen chasing two others in his territory
Male impala and his harem
Hippos taking a lunch break out of the water.
Where's Waldo, the elephant? He never read the book that said elephants don't climb mountains.
Red Hartebeest
This big elephant is alpha. He later chased us down the road
This big guy was showing us who was boss
Giraffe with a mouthful of scrumptuous shrubbery
Two adolescent elephants wrestling each other. The rest of the family was coming down the hill
Some people say a wildebeest was assembled by committee
Susan took this photo of the elusive cerval

Rhinoceroses climb mountains too
The zebras coming down to the plain from the hills
On safari
Playing chicken with a jackal
This is not a suggestion
Elaine and Kevin, Hawkeye Safaris, our guides
Chapman's Bay Hout BaySusan hopped on a pedicab and shot this self-portrait
View of Cape Town from Table Mountain
Cape Flats - what was formerly called a shantytown is now an "informal settlement."
Dornier Vineyard - winetasting in Stellenbosch
Picnic after winetasting at Muratie Vineyard
The vineyards of Stellenbosch
No butts about it - South Africa has views
False Bay at moonrise - the view from Moon Bay Guest House
All dressed and no place to go - African penguins used to be called jackasses
Ostriches going to the beach to put their heads in the sand
Jesse setting up at the Cape of Good Hope

Peter and Tina Davies, hosts of Moon Bay Guest House, gave us a guided tour of Cape Point

Brush fire at Cape Point
Cape of Good Hope

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Easy on Sunday afternoon

Today we took a little day-trip to Oberaegeri, in the Canton of Zug. It was a beautiful sunny day and we hadn’t been on a long walk with Lucky since before I left for the States last November – so we seized the day, as it were. Since Zug is only about 25 kilometers from Zurich, it wasn’t long before we were on the bus winding our way up to Oberaegeri. After walking a bit along the Aegerisee (the Lake of Aegeri), we found the Wanderweg and wandered on up – until we reached some wonderful views. Lucky held up better than I did. I was happy to have him pull me up the steeper parts of the path. The tricky part is when he is later, on the way down – when he is trying to pull me down the steep trails. Thankfully Jesse brought along my trekking poles, and I was happy to use one to keep myself upright. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, and I hope you enjoy the photos below.

Arosa, Switzerland February 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

“She’s got diamonds on the soles of her shoes” – Paul Simon

Jesse had to leave Susan and Lucky behind and head to South Africa on business for ten days. This is the beginning of a monthly shuttle between Switzerland and South Africa. Maybe Susan can get some South African diamonds for her shoes. Below are photos of temporary home away from home for the next six months.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine." W. Goldberg

We’re back to “normal” here in Zurich. Or as I often refer to it … “my other normal”. After being back in the States for two months, enjoying the luxury of much time spent with family and long-time friends, I wondered how it was going to feel to be back in Switzerland. Well, I miss the folks back home very much, but I am happy to be here, enjoying this unique time in our lives, and all the pleasures it affords. And I think Lucky is too! He missed the long walks we enjoy together here; yet he made himself right at home on his old couch in South Elgin. Jesse joined us in mid-December, and spent as much time as possible in his darkroom, naturally. Below you’ll find a few snapshots of Anchorage, Alaska (my original home) and my family there; as well as photos from Illinois and our immediate family. Which is growing, by the way! Toby and Melissa shared the happy news with us that our first grandbaby is coming in June! Thanks for looking at our blog, and Happy New Year.
Pizza before Susan returns to Switzerland
Susan and Luck shovel the snow in Illinois
Allison and her rice paper painting. Jesse brought it back from Hong Kong.

The entire family in the same place at the same time.

Amberly and Nate love "The Office"

Melissa, Toby and baby on the way

View from Jesse's office, Zug Switzerland

Nancy and daughter Katelin, Bellingham Washington

Susan and Katelin, Bellingham Washington
Katelin's dog, Bellingham Washington
Moose playing in the snow, Anchorage Alaska
Susan, Amberly and Allison playing in the snow, Anchorage Alaska
Mt. Susitna across the Cook Inlet, Anchorage Alaska
Alaska's equivalent to squirrels
Nate getting a shot of a moose, Anchorage Alaska
Susan's parents, Dick and Carol, at the Arctic Roadrunner Restaurant, Anchorage Alaska
Famous Alaska Banquet Burger from the Arctic Roadrunner
Now that is a regular customer
Just a light snack of tree, Anchorage Alaska