Sunday, March 25, 2007

Waffles and Chocolates and Fries, Oh my!

Actually, in Belgium they refer to them as "frites", but whatever you call them, they were outstanding, as were the waffles and the chocolates! Considering the amount of chocolate I sampled, it's a good thing we walked to so many places! I can honestly say that Swiss Chocolate in general is Excellent, but the Belgium "Pralines" - individual filled chocolates - are probably just a bit better. I hope none of my new Swiss friends are reading this blog! By way of explanation, Jesse has been working in Brussels for the last year, several days a week, and I wanted to see it for myself, before his work takes him elsewhere. I joined him last Wednesday, March 14th and stayed til Monday morning, the 19th. We saw all the popular spots in Brussels, and also traveled to nearby Bruges, a very quaint medieval town filled with canals and bridges. We spent a day with our friends Anton and Kathy Duval and their children, Camille and Laurence, and visited Dinant (home of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the Saxophone.) They also have a cool Citadel high up on the hill. It was there that I finally had my first Belgian Waffle (or Gauffres, as they call it). All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Belgium. Upon returning to Zurich, it began to snow for only the 2nd time this winter, but thankfully, it is melting as I type. Easter is just around the corner, and I look forward to traveling home to Illinois for a visit, and seeing a lot of you again! Please view our photos below.